These are the chronicles of the creative aspirations made by Danish music producer, creative artist and music activist, Kristian Gjesing a.k.a. Mantra Flow.
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Mantra flow

Welcome to the official Mantra Flow website!

Member of the Panzar Produktionz family, with the Mantra Flow Progressive Trance liveset. Part of Mutagen Records family, as Forest Psytrance liveset. Representer of Drawing Mind Records family, with the Mantra Flow chillout liveset. Co-founder and Workshop Organiser with the Free Soul School Ruigoord (Vrij Soul School Ruigoord), Amsterdam Netherlands. Member of the Fun Lab'Z event organisation and decoration crew Swiss/France. Co-creator of Psytrance duo The Flying Carpet Company together with French artist Vincent Kleiber a.k.a. Resiliance. Kristian is also a member of the Velesa Festival family, Latvia. As a part of different beautiful projects, Mantra Flow is a support and inspiration of the unity of psychedelic minds all over the world.




Releases: beatport

Featured on:

  • V/A Tank Moovez 2, Panzar Produktionz
  • V/A Tank Moovez 1, Panzar Produktionz
  • V/A Tank Fuel vol 3, Panzar Produktionz
  • V/A Tank Fuel Vol 2, Panzar Produktionz
  • V/A Progressive Bunker, Panzar Produktionz
  • V/A Goagemeinde, Goagemeinde
  • V/A ├ćnterdimensional Vol. 1, Gaia Reactor
  • V/A Mystic Voyage, Speed Sound Rec.
  • In Your Phaze - Waste of Space EP, Panzar Produktionz
  • Comatic - Neutralizer EP, BAM Rec.Materia
  • Supernatural EP, Lost Language Rec.
  • Bernie Allen - Silver linning EP, Lost Language Rec


Live performances:



Studio Recordings and Free Soul School Workshops:

As part of the Free Soul School Project, Mantra Flow has been organising Music Recording Workshops in various Free Spaces of the world. Primarly in the Artist village of Ruigoord, Amsterdam, but also in Switzerland, with Free Soul School Switzerland at Rossmatt, Vermes and in Spain at La Tomatera & La Maquina del Tiempo, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Walk in, Street level Studio Recordings, focusing on honest recording and representation of the music and artistic visions. Capturing the magical moment of creation, that arise between open minded people, when creative visions are created and exchanged. The future vision of this project is to create Free Soul Shools and Music Workshops in the All Free Spaces Round the World, connecting artists and Free Thinking People of different musical backgrounds, cultures, languages and expressions into a fusion of genres and creations: Free Spaces and Free Spirits United, as One Global Free Soul Family!

If you wish to take part in a Workshop, have a Free Space where a Workshop could take place, or a Free Space full of Artists where a Free Soul School Could be set up, Please Contact Below or Visit the Free Soul School Links in Media.


Skype: Mantraflow
Email: Kristian_gjesing@hotmail.com